Category: Public Transport

  • Be considerate!

    Along with incosiderate pedestrians, what gets me fuming are the twits who ride on trains and trams.  The have a sinister modus opperandi, one that makes me look like the twit when I protest their actions. So, what they do is fiendishly simple: they get on a train/tram/bus a stop or two before it becomes […]

  • Feedback for MetLink Melbourne & Department of Infrastructure

    My regular commute requires catching bus (571), having that meet a train (Epping station), in to the CBD, and back in the evening. Now, the bus service is titled “TrainLink”. Train. Link. Far too many times (3 times this week) the bus has arrived too late to meet the train. Similarly in the evening, if […]

  • Sent to Connex’s Customer support

    I will not be recommending the SMS alerts service to anyone, and will likely unsubcribe from it due to it’s extremely poor performance. I get nuisance notices early in the morning about how a service was cancelled and then not cancelled. I get notices about how the 6:25am from Epping will not run, but don’t […]