They tolerate me, they really really tolerate me!

I am buzzed and a little freaked out right now.

A while ago, I was playing around with Trac (the open source wiki/fault tracking/software project management tool) and felt the need to make it do something it didn’t already.  So I created my first Python “Egg” and Trac plugin called TracHtgroups (or HtgroupsPlugin).  As a lark, I uploaded it to the awesome Trac Hacks site so that others could benefit from my (very minor) work.  Of course, I thought that “benefit” to be entirely hypothetical…

Until yesterday, when I received my first bug report!  People are using it!  And there have been other Trac plugins written to inter-operate with it.  I’m blown away.

I write code for fun and stress relief and the joy of learning and the challenge of doing something that I’ve never done before, or perhaps has never been done before by anybody.  I don’t actually intend anyone else to actually use it.  Although a quick reflection suggests that if that were really true, I would not have placed it on the Hacks site to start with (or put my other scripts up at


[As I was writing this a small willie-willie/dust-devil/mini-tornado whooshed across the road from an empty car park and ripped some tiles off the roof.  I haven’t gone up there yet to see the extent of the damage – it’s just too freaking hot on the dark tiles facing west!]