Twitter: shiny hotness, or brown and sticky?

Daniel asks:

So what’s so different about Twitter? Or is it just another case of a new, shiny, evolving (but not revolutionary) thing getting all the hype?

What’s different for me is that it’s IM/IRC that actually works on my aging mobile phone, or via an IM/IRC style chat, or via a light web interface. I’m finding it very egalitarian in that I can friend/follow anyone I want and in the de-facto ‘rules of engagement’ most people will friend you back and allow two-way links with people as diverse as Robert Scoble, Henry Rollins, or the manager of a small crafts store in New York.

It also seems to be doing a good job at stimulating conversation with the tag phrase “What are you doing?”

Of course plenty of people are exposing more about what they are doing than they should be, trying to spam/game/harvest the system, and probably many more unsavoury things.

So definitely evolutionary not revolutionary, but still good as a community contact tool.

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