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  • Twitter updates re-enabled

    I’ve started using Alex King’s fabulous Twitter Tools again.

  • Twitter updates

    While the twitter daily summaries have been handy (for me) to see who and what I’ve been talking about, I’m turning them off for now as I intend to start posting real entries more often and they would be lost amongst the twitter noise. The may return at some time in the future in their […]

  • Twitter: shiny hotness, or brown and sticky?

    Daniel asks: So what’s so different about Twitter? Or is it just another case of a new, shiny, evolving (but not revolutionary) thing getting all the hype? What’s different for me is that it’s IM/IRC that actually works on my aging mobile phone, or via an IM/IRC style chat, or via a light web interface. […]

  • Testing some existing RSS to Twitter tools

    I was writing an RSS to Twitter cross-poster when it occurred to me that I couldn’t be the first to try this. So now I’m trying some of the existing ones to see if they do a good enough job…