Blogger Lunch Panel

An interesting mix of panelists at the Blogger Lunch: skeptics, business advisors, content providers, Microsoftian enterprise blogger.

Bloggers Lunch Panel

How to walk the line between tight content control and enabling the free and open conversation – Microsoft seem to get it, but admit that when it fails it fails badly. The commercial content provider is definitely more concerned about legal issues re: content control, but also trying to blur the lines between blogging and journalism by adding structure and control around consumer generated content.

Great discussion from the panelists – consumers are starting to have the feeling of entitlement to conversation. Doesnt really matter what business you might be in, consumers now expect to have the right of immediate and open comment on your business. If you dont let them do it to your face (ie. your own corporate blogs/sites) then they will do it behind your back (their own or other blogs) and probably be a lot more brutal about it.

Alas, battery running low on laptop. Have to revert to twitter again.