Category: Tech.Ed

  • Tech.Ed 2009

    [This is a belated and incomplete post, but since I’m unlikely to finish it, might as well publish what I threw together in the airport on the day after] Wow, where to start?  Tech.Ed is the Microsoft IT geek yearly pilgrimage, held this year on the Gold Coast, as it was 2 years ago for […]

  • Blogger Lunch Panel

    An interesting mix of panelists at the Blogger Lunch: skeptics, business advisors, content providers, Microsoftian enterprise blogger. How to walk the line between tight content control and enabling the free and open conversation – Microsoft seem to get it, but admit that when it fails it fails badly. The commercial content provider is definitely more […]

  • Tech.Ed 2007 Bloggers Lunch

    So, might as well blog from the Tech.Ed 2007 Bloggers Lunch. We got our lunches in nifty little esky’s that we get to keep (logistically, too much trouble for them to dispose of them I’m betting 😛 ) Discussions are about Web 2.0, what it means to different people, and what it means to enterprises […]