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  • The Plan

    I need to move house, but I dont know how to get there…

  • TimeShift your life part 1: DVDs

    I’m a moderately busy person. Not “Cory Doctorow” busy, but busy enough with family, work, personal projects, and keeping up with the current state of IT geekdom that stopping to watch the TV, go to a movie, or listen to radio just doesn’t happen on a schedule. I’m documenting my current methods of coping, with […]

  • Ahhhrrgghh! I’ve just bought a house!!!

    Exclamation marks…!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so maybe I’m freaking out just a little bit. We’ve been investigating buying a house for about a year, but things took a sudden and unexpected turn yesterday when we signed a land purchase contract as part of a home-and-land package.  Eeeek. The house plan is nothing special, just a bulk plan-from-a-book […]

  • Blog Flood!

    Why have I been blogging so often recently (at least compared with my previous average)? I have borrowed a laptop from work, run a cable from the study to the lounge, and have been spending my evenings reading, coding, learning, blogging. Ok, so wireless & tablet makes a lot more sense now! 😀