Ahhhrrgghh! I’ve just bought a house!!!

Exclamation marks…!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so maybe I’m freaking out just a little bit.

We’ve been investigating buying a house for about a year, but things took a sudden and unexpected turn yesterday when we signed a land purchase contract as part of a home-and-land package.  Eeeek.

The house plan is nothing special, just a bulk plan-from-a-book called the Rosehill 210.  It’s simple, straight-forward, and probably more than we need.  The block of land is not too much more than required to fit the house, but is on a quiet street and has a playground/barbeque/walking track all in close proximity.  The living/rumpus areas of the house will be facing approx 10 degrees East of due North – a reasonable compromise between building a bulk home and catering to my Tree Hugger nature.

More news and probably pictures to follow as things progress.

Eeek. 😮

One response to “Ahhhrrgghh! I’ve just bought a house!!!”

  1. Hey dude good going with the house.

    Make sure you bargin hard with the mortguage – you will be friends with it for a fair while. Guess you aren’s moving north then.


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