Melbourne, get your game on!

It’s Retrocon time!

Retrocon is Melbourne’s newest games convention and it’s still smallish. This means two things:

  1. Retrocon needs you!
  2. If you’re new to gaming or interested in getting into gaming (of a Role Playing nature more than Roll Playing :wink:), then small is good.

If you’re even slightly interested, I recommend you at least register now as a visitor. It’s $2 per day or $5 for three days (allows you to play free demonstration games) and you can upgrade to a Player at anytime (yes, more fees required).

Oh? When is it? A little over a week from now: The “Queens Birthday” long week-end Saturday 10th – Monday 12th June 2006.

Be there!

3 responses to “Melbourne, get your game on!”

  1. Damnit, why don’t you people ever advertise properly? I would have gone!
    I need the names of any gaming conventions in Melbourne. Preferably those where you aren’t forced to dress up to enter, because if I am, I am making up a character who mysteriously looks just like I do on the day, from a video game that no one has ever even heard of. So there. Lol. Seriously though, hit me anyone if you have any names or decent websites. [email address redacted – leave a comment with the info if you have any]

  2. Hey Princess Peach!

    I’ll grab a list of all the gaming conventions in Melbourne from some of the regulars and make a post (and e-mail you).

    The first 3 that spring to mind are Conquest (at Easter), Retrocon (Queen’s Birthday) and DwarfCon (1st weekend in July it seems).

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