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  • OpenPGP Key Transition

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA512 Date: 6 November 2020 OpenPGP Key Transition Statement for Robin Frousheger I have created a new OpenPGP key and will be transitioning away from my old key. The old key has not been compromised but has been set to expire soon. All future correspondence should be encrypted to the […]

  • Rebuilding the Holiday – Pt3

    Rebuilding the Holiday – Pt3

    Short-form notes on rebuilding the MooresCloud Holiday Lights from scratch and making the lights work. This is part 3/3, it covers building the fresh OS onto a memory card. You will need: A set of the lights with serial port access (from part 1) The flattened devicetree blob imx23-holiday.dtb created in part 2 A Linux […]

  • Rebuilding the Holiday – Pt2

    Rebuilding the Holiday – Pt2

    Short-form notes on rebuilding the MooresCloud Holiday Lights from scratch and making the lights work. This is part 2/3, it covers building a custom devicetree blob for the Holiday. You will need: A computer running Ubuntu or ‘Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10’ (other Linux variants will work, and probably macOS too, but I haven’t […]

  • Rebuilding the Holiday – Pt1

    Rebuilding the Holiday – Pt1

    Short-form notes on rebuilding the MooresCloud Holiday Lights from scratch and making the lights work. This is part 1/3, it covers getting access to the memory card and serial port. You will need: A set of the lights #1 Phillips screwdriver A strip of 3 0.1″ header pins or socket (cut up a 40-pin strip) […]

  • Time passes … more time passes …

    Fast-forward another 4 years and we find the plucky Froosh family in a slightly different part of Greensborough, debt free, renting a nearly-new house in a great leafy setting. The time hasn’t been without its trials, two of the family members experiencing severe depression and (thankfully) receiving treatment before any serious, permanent damage was done. […]

  • Nearly 3 years…

    Hmm, so it’s been nearly 3 years since I posted here. Can I get away with this: Stuff. It happened. Perhaps not. In short, thanks to a great deal of financial support and trust from my parents we were able to sort out the house, sell it, and clear most of our debts along with […]

  • The Plan

    I need to move house, but I dont know how to get there…

  • Delicious Super Fudge Brownies

    Ingredients: 200g dark or milk chocolate chopped roughly 200g butter chopped roughly 4 eggs 1 Cup of castor Sugar 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla extract 1 1/3 cups of Plain Flour ¼ cup of Cocoa Powder Method: Preheat oven to moderate 180C. Brush a shallow 20*30cm tin with oil or melted butter. Line the base with […]

  • Tech.Ed 2009

    [This is a belated and incomplete post, but since I’m unlikely to finish it, might as well publish what I threw together in the airport on the day after] Wow, where to start?  Tech.Ed is the Microsoft IT geek yearly pilgrimage, held this year on the Gold Coast, as it was 2 years ago for […]

  • Filter CFA incidents by region

    With all the focus on bushfires in Victoria and the close proximity to my house of some of those fires, I’ve been checking the Country Fire Authority (CFA) website to see what is going on in the area. The CFA are kind enough to provide a RSS feed of all incidents, but I don’t really […]

  • iPhone Headphones

    I’ve had an iPhone for a few months now, and am enjoying it as both the most usable phone I’ve ever owned and alsp the most enjoyable PDA I’ve ever owned. Except, that is, for the headphones.

  • Twitter updates re-enabled

    I’ve started using Alex King’s fabulous Twitter Tools again.

  • Stupid stuff

    I occasionally post stupid things to my Stuff section to see track what seemed fun at the time and I’ve noticed something:  They are all at least as accurate as the daily astrological rubbish in your paper/magazine/website of choice.  I know, it’s not really that profound… They are fun though, just don’t run your life […]

  • New Addiction

    I’ve developed a new addiction, or perhaps merely a new obsession: Pokemon.  Specifically, Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS.  This is probably not news to the geeks out there, but it’s good! Mrs Froosh and the Kiddo have been playing the Diamond and Pearl versions for some time, but Mrs Froosh recently abandoned her Pearl copy […]

  • Taxi drivers vs Melbourne

    This is not so much a comment about the safety of the drivers, but taxi drivers in general.  Inspired by a post over on Melbourne Metblogs. Taxi drivers, I believe, are professional drivers.  Professionals in that they get paid to drive you from one location to another location of your choosing.  Lets break that down […]

  • How to flub a job interview

    As many of my Twitter followers will know, I interviewed for a job on Monday afternoon and was very excited about the opportunity. I was not chosen to progress to the next round of interviewing and I’m somewhat crushed by that. The painful part is the reason I was given for the rejection.

  • CSS Naked Day

    Yes, the site looks awful.  That is the point.  Without friendly CSS written and provided to me for free by the internets, this is somewhat like it would look all the time! CSS Naked Day is a token of our appreciation to all the fantastic CSS coders out there who make the internets a prettier place for everyone. […]

  • TimeShift your life part 1: DVDs

    I’m a moderately busy person. Not “Cory Doctorow” busy, but busy enough with family, work, personal projects, and keeping up with the current state of IT geekdom that stopping to watch the TV, go to a movie, or listen to radio just doesn’t happen on a schedule. I’m documenting my current methods of coping, with […]

  • Blogger Lunch Panel

    An interesting mix of panelists at the Blogger Lunch: skeptics, business advisors, content providers, Microsoftian enterprise blogger. How to walk the line between tight content control and enabling the free and open conversation – Microsoft seem to get it, but admit that when it fails it fails badly. The commercial content provider is definitely more […]

  • Tech.Ed 2007 Bloggers Lunch

    So, might as well blog from the Tech.Ed 2007 Bloggers Lunch. We got our lunches in nifty little esky’s that we get to keep (logistically, too much trouble for them to dispose of them I’m betting 😛 ) Discussions are about Web 2.0, what it means to different people, and what it means to enterprises […]